With a passion for helping organizations improve their project work, Suzanne helps your people become more effective and efficient by staying focused on what matters most.

Suzanne has a variety of experiences in multiple industries and professions, including financial institutions, education, technology, construction, startups, and nonprofits, She has felt the frustration of juggling limited cash flows, managing smart workers who need flexibility, and keeping clients from jumping ship. She understands management’s need for reliable analytics and what it takes to produce those analytics. From seeing everything from the best to the worst, she knows what works, and what doesn’t.

Multiple Coaching Options

Our coaching can be done electronically or in person, and includes email support during the coaching period.

Executive Coaching

One on one executive coaching helps you decide which work is most impacting and improving your bottom line.

Project Leader Coaching

Individual coaching for project leaders gives them the ability to empower teams and guide projects from chaos to completion.

Project Team Coaching

Group session coaching can help teams ensure that projects start on the right foot, improve effectiveness, and that poor communications or meeting strategies don’t get in way!