“Time is the one resource that
you can’t create or recover.”

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Are your project teams missing deadlines and falling increasingly behind, or are project failing to deliver the planned benefits?

We want to fix that.


In business do you find your

project teams struggling with:

  • Scope creep, often caused by smart people coming up with great ideas, day after day….
  • People working tirelessly, and often going down expensive rabbit holes….
  • Contracted workers running projects into the red before anyone knows….
  • Projects with little vision or that don’t align with your business strategy….


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Smart Projex, developed by Suzanne S. Davenport, is a new way of approaching project management. She rejects schedules that are continually revised and instead embraces an approach focused on building teams that know how to deliver results that matter!

With over 20 years of experience in project management, Suzanne developed a proprietary approach that works on real world projects where change is a constant.


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Learn where the idea for the Smart Projex methodology came from and why.

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Herding Smart Cats!

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In her new book Herding Smart Cats: Project Management Reimagined, Suzanne S. Davenport argues that the technologies and tools that got us where we are today won’t get us where we want to be in the future.

In this book, Davenport delves into the science behind effective leadership and a project management methodology that she has been crafting for over a decade. She offers a vision of how twenty-first-century technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, could help us transform project and work management to improve performance.