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These Smart Projex downloadable resources are a great way to learn about project management and get an introduction to the Smart Projex methodology. In addition, Smart Projex would love the opportunity to customize a consultation or training session for your team to learn to implement this new strategy. Please take a look at our online books & resources as well as our various coaching programs or let us customize a plan for you!

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Herding Smart Cats: Project Management Reimagined

In this book, Suzanne S. Davenport argues that the technologies and tools that got us where we are today won’t get us where we want to be in the future. She offers a vision of how we could transform project and work management to improve profits.

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Project Management
8 Lesson Crash Course Text
by Suzanne S. Davenport

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During this eight lesson course eBook, you will learn about project management and how to establish project management processes that will guide your teams to success. You will be introduced to the different kinds of projects and project methodologies, begin developing a standardized project language that will help your teams communicate more effectively, learn the value of a project plan and how to complete one, so that you can more successfully finish your projects, and understand how to execute and manage your project for maximum benefits.

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Smart Projex offers several FREE downloadable eBooks to get you started on learning about project management basics

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Project Management Tips to Make Clients Happy

Everyone understands that most clients are concerned about managing costs, but this book presents suggestions that don’t require sophisticated project management training and will give you a competitive edge.

The book is divided into four sections, devoted to analysis, methodology, teamwork, and leadership which are the foundation to the Smart Projex methodology. Download Now >

free project management courses for school administrators

Project Management Basics for School Administrators

You have heard about project management for years, but all of your project managers (if they are called that) are untrained and flying by the seat of their pants. You feel like there are teams everywhere, working on projects, but does anyone know what is happening?

People are now working from home, and you are wondering how the heck your teachers are going to be able to effectively teach in that unfamiliar and technology focused world. This books can help bring focus to a chaotic world. Download Now >

free project management courses for startups

Project Management Basics for Startups

All startups are crazy busy, but is your startup doing what matters most? Everyone is talking about project management, but you’re not even sure where your projects intersect with operating your company. Everything you do seems like an interconnected series of tasks, but you aren’t sure whether they are projects, or not. Some things you need to know as the basics of project management for running a successful startup can be found in this book. Download Now >