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Smart Projex, developed by Suzanne S. Davenport, is a new way of approaching project management. She rejects schedules that are continually revised and instead embraces an approach focused on building teams that know how to deliver results that matter! We teach your teams to create project processes and follow a methodology that works during chaotic times. We teach your teams to speak the same language to improve your communications.

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The methodology is a new way of approaching project management which builds better teams and delivers results that matter.

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I’m Suzanne S. Davenport, founder of Smart Projex, a project management methodology for teams working on complex and critical projects where they need agility and control.

It was designed for business projects, where money, quality, risks, people, and deadlines matter – though little is predictable – except change.

Early in my career, I was a Vice President of a major bank and later an executive in a healthcare start-up. I graduated with honors from an MBA program at Virginia Commonwealth University. I’ve gotten multiple project certifications and I’ve built working project management software.

Many years ago, I spent countless hours in fluorescent lit classrooms trying desperately to understand tedious project concepts, such as earned value management, critical path management, crashing, and fast-tracking, to name just a few. My frustrations at that time stemmed from the difference between construction (or linear projects) and most business projects (which are unpredictable and subject to frequent changes).

These frustrations led me to build Smart Projex – which was a project software solution that was designed for business projects of all kinds. After testing, I took it off the market and started using the methodology behind the software because it offered my clients the agility that is needed in a world of rapid change, and the project controls that keep change from turning into chaos.

I have worked with executives, project leaders, and teams needing to move key projects from start to finish. And I’d love to work with you.