Build joyful teams that regularly deliver real value

Have you ever gone through two or three plumbers, electricians, or car mechanics before you found one you loved? And, once you found someone you loved and trusted, did you value them highly? I know I have completely come to depend on teams of folks to help me out on those household projects. And I’m very nice to them, and pay my bills on time.

And, have you ever had a project team that worked together long enough that they bonded and began to really perform at a higher level? I see that frequently in the business and professional worlds where projects can last a while. And at the end, sadly, I have watched these teams disbanded, and I wondered WHY!!!

Why don’t businesses treat their teams as a valuable resource? I’m not just talking about technology teams in a Scrum world. I’m talking about larger teams with subject matter experts that come in and out, when needed. A highly functioning team is like gold!!!

In the Smart Projex methodology, we use a variety of resources, including structured meeting agendas, properly defined projects, and distributed leadership opportunities to grow teams and help them perform more effectively and efficiently.