A great start in project management training is reading this eight lesson eBook course. While reading, you will learn how to establish project management processes that will guide your teams to success. You will be introduced to the different kinds of projects and project methodologies, begin developing a standardized project language that will help your teams communicate more effectively, learn the value of a project plan and how to complete one, so that you can more successfully finish your projects, and understand how to execute and manage your project for maximum benefits.

Part of project management training is learning how to do projects effectively so that you aren’t wasting time on the unimportant.

This downloadable eBook includes appendices that outline very specific instructions for setting up a project plan that works.

There is often confusion over the varied project terms that have different definitions in different contexts. An eight lesson course is just an introduction to this subject. I would encourage you to discuss the concepts in this course with your colleagues. Other great project management training resources can be found in our other books on project management. And if you need more help, I’m available for coaching and consulting.