Smart Projex grew out of the idea that businesses need a better way to manage projects.

Enormous sums are wasted on efforts that don’t add value to the organization.

Projects with little vision or that don’t align with strategy….

Scope creep, often caused by smart people coming up with great ideas, day after day….

Contracted workers running projects into the red before anyone knows….

Nonprofits trying to tackle monumental challenges with great teams who just don’t quite know what they are doing….

Startups working tirelessly, and often going down rabbit holes….

Our founder, Suzanne S. Davenport, has worked for years with teams that were trying to accomplish something complex, urgent, and important. She has been completely frustrated by the inefficiencies of traditional approaches, and the global loss of resources as a result of this waste. She successfully built the initial version of Smart Projex to test out the idea that organizations could achieve agility AND scope management. 

The Project Management Institute reported in its latest Pulse of the Profession report that “despite all the talk, project performance isn’t getting any better.” [1]

Currently, Smart Projex is evaluating a complete software re-design using state of the art 21st-century technologies. Maybe it’s time to re-think project management entirely. If you are interested, contact us. 


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