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Top 10 Must Read Smart Projex Blogs for the New Year

Phew, the holidays are over and 2019 is here! Unfortunately, I ushered in the New Year with the flu, which has left me not in tip-top condition for blogging. I was looking through my blog metrics as a way to brainstorm new topics for the New Year and the amount of content I’ve produced made me pause. Sometimes we spend so much time moving forward that we forget to look back on all that we’ve accomplished. Looking through all of the blogs I’ve written and all the blogs you’ve been reading, I decided it was time to dust a few off.

So, if you’re looking for new project management strategies and tips, looking for a resolution or solution to getting that project off the ground, here are some oldies but goodies that have helped readers in the past.

Smart Projex Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

1. A Four-Step Guide to Work Breakdown Structure

Check out this blog to better understand how to create a work breakdown structure that will bring clarity on your project.

2. 8 Tips for Dealing with Project Ambiguity

Complex projects differ from complicated projects in the level of ambiguity. This blog outlines eight tips for dealing with project ambiguity.

3. How to Increase Project Team Energy Levels

While project team energy levels are a major driver of project success, little is written on this. Here are five suggestions on how to increase your team’s energy.

4. Could Blockchain Technology Improve Project Stakeholder Management?

Blockchain could potentially improve project stakeholder management if we could figure out what pieces of data the different stakeholders need and how to represent that data to increase trust between the various stakeholders.

5. 10 Free Ways to Streamline Project Management

How can we streamline project management so that we spend more time on the steps that matter and less time creating and hiding behind unreliable reports?

6. Why You Need to Say No to Low-Value Projects

If you aren’t saying no to low-value projects, you are spending time on things that don’t matter. Here are five reasons that you need to stop.

7. Are You Working with People Who Cannot Create Clear Project Communications?

It can be challenging to work with others who seem unable to create clear project communications. Try these three suggestions.

8. Do Your Project Results Help You Deliver Your Organizational Strategy?

Are your projects really delivering your organizational strategy? Projects are useful for that purpose, but someone needs to be monitoring the effort.

9. People Management Metrics That Actually Work

Try these people management metrics to better understand your project capacity and manage your people, performance, projects, and customer profitability.

10. 5 Key Recommendations on Managing Project Costs

Managing project costs has been typically done with sophisticated techniques, such as earned value management. In this blog, I outline five recommendations that are easier to implement.

Happy reading everyone!