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According to a 2011 study done by Project Management Solutions, businesses lose millions every year when projects fail or must be rescued from failure. One key factor was defining project requirements. Anyone who has ever built a house understands the importance of defining what you are trying to build, and that’s the good part. It can be an arduous and time consuming process, hence the bad. But, defining the why can get ugly.

Understanding, for example, that a company has chosen to move its offices to provide safer employee parking will simply result in a different project than a moving project to provide larger executive offices or enhanced technologies.  Putting in a new inventory control system when the objective is to reduce inventory is different from a system that ensures that inventory is always available to service customer needs.  And, the scope of a non-profit event to increase public awareness with millenniums will vary considerably from the same event being held to raise millions from existing patrons.

Defining your “why” gives a rallying cry that inspires success and creates a solid project foundation.

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Defining project requirements requires disciplined thinking and a commitment to clear documentation. Don’t let your stakeholders down by failing to document clear project requirements.

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