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My book review this week is on Patrick Lencioni’s book – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, A Leadership Fable – published in 2011.

Lencioni begins his book with a fable about a woman who is hired to rescue a dysfunctional team. It’s an interesting and easy read; you could take it to the beach… but don’t be surprised if you spend part of your vacation time pondering some takeaways in this book.

  • How do we move teams to a point of trust? That includes trusting the others on the team to deliver, and it includes, in a larger sense, how we get our clients to trust us to deliver. One theme that I enjoyed is the notion that team meetings are more exciting when there is conflict that is actively addressed. Keep the discussions on topic – what is the problem to be solved? – and away from personal attacks.
  • How do we get teams to commit to results? He discusses the importance of listening to everyone’s viewpoint. Most people don’t need to get their way every time. They just need to know that they have been heard.
  • How do we build a sense of collective accountability? For starters, you need a clearly defined set of measurable objectives. When team members are able to call each other out and willing to put the interests of the team ahead of their individual needs, you will have reached some measure of success.