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I recently read Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Here are some thoughts:

Rework was written by the founders of 37 Signals – the makers of Basecamp, a leading project management software tool, and now, several other software tools as well. The book is about creating products and why Fried and Hansson believe that business plans are harmful. Their premise is that iteration, flexibility, and trusting your gut are more valuable. Some takeaways that can be applied to other aspects of your business life include:

  • We are all terrible estimators. When you must estimate how long something is going to take, break the project down into smaller, discrete tasks.
  • Writing well is more important than ever. Good writing skills indicate clear thinking skills. If you are hiring and have to choose between two equally skilled candidates, hire the better writer.
  • “Interruption is not collaboration.” Interruptions keep us from getting work done. When you hang up the phone after an interruption, ask yourself if the value of that call equalled the labor costs of those involved.

Not everyone believes that the exercise of creating a business plan is a waste of time. Most businesspeople are realizing that iteration and flexibility are increasingly important in a world of rapid change.