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My book review this week is on the Harvard Business Review‘s book – On Change Management – 10 Must Read Articles. I could write several reports on this book, since it is packed with great tips, from great thought leaders on the subject of change management. Here are just a few:

  • From Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail, by John P. Kotter: Having a vision for your change is important. Communicating that vision effectively is essential. Kotter estimates that 75% of leadership needs to embrace the urgency of the change, but rushing managers into change can backfire, so longer projects with highly effective communications fare better.
  • From Leading Change When Business Is Good – An Interview with Samuel J. Palmisano, by Paul Hemp and Thomas A. Stewart: A supervisory management approach (do this; do that) works in a machine economy but not in a knowledge economy. As IBM discovered, “values-based management enables your people to respond quickly, flexibly, and creatively to a never-ending stream of strategic challenges.”
  • From A Survival Guide for Leaders by Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky: Change leaders need to constantly move “from the dance floor to the balcony,” figuratively speaking, and ask themselves where things stand and what’s really going on. They need to anchor themselves by having a confidant and scheduling a time and place to recalibrate.