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My book review this week is on Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People. It is worth noting that the author is no relation to Andrew Carnegie, but changed his last name from Carnagey to Carnegie, when the steel magnate was widely recognized. The book title says much. Some takeaways include:

  • Criticism is a waste of time and can be dangerous. The recipient becomes defensive, resentful, and/or demoralized. Try to understand people, and their actions, rather than criticizing them.
  • If you must give constructive criticism, talk about your own mistakes to make them feel better. Allow them to save face.
  • Start with trying to understand people, and their actions. Look at the situation from their perspective. Then, try forgiving them, rather than criticizing them.
  • Take your inspiration from dogs. They do nothing but give love. Hens lay eggs. Cows give milk. Canaries sing. Dogs just love you. (p. 77)
  • People are emotionally motivated by the desire for importance, not the logical explanation. Be cheerful and encouraging. Smile. Make people happy.