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My book review this week is on Daniel Pink’s bookDrive. This book discusses the concept of Motivation 3.0 – an evolution from Motivation 2.0, which worked in a machine economy. In Motivation 3.0, the challenge is to organize your work place so that intrinsic motivation, which is thought to be more important on creative tasks, is increased. Some takeaways include:

  • The carrot and stick approach to management has been shown to reduce intrinsic motivation. It can fuel bad behavior and short-term thinking.
  • Humans have an innate drive towards autonomy, self-determination, and connectedness. When we put them in an environment where they have control over their tasks, time, team, and technique, they will thrive.
  • Businesses need to catch up with what science has taught us; incentive compensation can actually reduce intrinsic motivation.
  • What is important to fueling intrinsic motivation is giving workers autonomy, the opportunity to pursue a higher purpose, and a sense of mastery. Setting up projects with little wins, which I have encouraged before, is key.
  • Look for “Goldilocks tasks” – not too hard, not too easy – but just right – to build mastery.