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I think almost everyone is looking forward to welcoming a New Year and saying goodbye to all that was 2020. Even with the distractions of all of the newsworthy moments in 2020, there are many Smart Projex blog posts worth a read as you begin a new year. Whether you are new to project management or a veteran of the Smart Projex Methodology, the below reads will get you pumped to start the new year on the right foot, ready to tackle those new projects!

Happy New Year from Smart Projex! May 2021 be the best year yet!

  1. Managing Projects When You Are Discombobulated
    In this blog, we offer seven tips for managing projects when you are discombobulated. Don’t let chaos, confusion, and crisis keep you from being effective.
  2. It’s the Responsibility of Project Leaders to Build Healthy Teams!
    It is the responsibility of project leaders to build healthy teams. That includes building trust, spreading love, and creating a safe environment.
  3. Capitalize on These Project Leadership Roles to Empower Your Teams
    One person doesn’t have to do everything. Here are some great ways to distribute your project leadership roles so that your projects will succeed.
  4. Create a Work Breakdown Structure to Supercharge Your Project
    Don’t let your WBS go to waste. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) that will actually help you with these five recommendations.
  5. Do You Need to Define Project Scope on Innovation Projects?
    Innovation projects are designed around failing and learning. Let’s reduce some of the failure by defining the scope on innovation projects.
  6. Want to Cancel a Project Early?
    Looking at the Denver Airport Baggage Handling project, we consider four lessons that suggest you should cancel a project early.
  7. Using the MoSCoW Prioritization Method on Charity Events
    The MoSCoW prioritization method can work well on charity events, and other kinds of projects, but ask these three questions before using it.
  8. How and Why You Need to Build Resilient Teams
    Build resilient teams by returning to the basics. Here are some suggestions and they begin with remembering your ABC’s.
  9. Focus on Your People and Stop Managing Project Deadlines!
    Can we really stop managing project deadlines entirely? No. But start by focusing on your people and then manage your deadlines effectively.
  10. Eight Quick and Easy Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work
    Scientific research is growing on the subject of gratitude. Try these tips to build gratitude at work and boost performance.